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What Happens to My Data in Office 365


With Microsoft, you are the owner of your customer data. We use your customer data only to provide the services we have agreed upon, and for purposes that are compatible with providing those services. We do not share your data with our advertiser-supported services,…

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Service and Normal Incident Management for Office 365


The time has come for us to discuss the Service Desk and Normal Incident Management.  I am very excited about this post because it will complete the baseline, core content for the series.  As a reminder, there are four questions that I get…

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Sharing is now available in MyAnalytics


We are excited to announce that sharing is now available within MyAnalytics!   Have you ever tried to do something new? Most of us have been there.. training for a marathon, a new approach to your work, or a new-found commitment to regular…

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The new MyAnalytics add-in for Outlook – a closer look


Individuals and organizations use data every day. Gathering and harnessing data is one of the most important functions within many organizations. However, access to data and acting on data can be two very different things. Today, we are excited to share a bit…

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Request for feedback: Using Slide Snippets and Data-Visualizer


Data Visualizer allows you to create a polished Visio flowchart from Excel. This update includes Visio and Excel templates to help create diagrams, a wizard based UI and the ability to refresh the diagram as data changes. Slide Snippet makes is easy to share your…

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Microsoft Tech Summit: Taipei


Microsoft is taking the community on the road with the Microsoft Tech Summits!  The Tech Summits are 2 day free technical training events held around the world, and we’re excited to meet community members face to face and promote this amazing resource.  Our first…

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Microsoft Tech Summit: Prague


James Staten, GM of Cloud and Enterprise Strategy as the Keynote Speaker for the Microsoft Tech Summit in Prague. The second stop for the Microsoft Tech Summit landed the community team in the beautiful city of Prague in the Czech Republic.  Attendance exceeded…

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Microsoft Tech Summit: Toronto


The last week of October we visited chilly Toronto, Canada for the next installment of the Microsoft Tech Summits. The event kicked off with a special keynote by Takeshi Numoto, Corporate Vice President, Microsoft Cloud + Enterprise Marketing Group presented before a packed…

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Tech Summit Talks: Benjamin Niaulin – SharePoint-MVP


We caught up with SharePoint MVP and Sharegate Product Advisor Benjamin Niaulin for a quick chat at the recent Microsoft Tech Summit in Toronto, Canada to talk about the value of community and the latest news at the free two-day Tech Summit events.…

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Microsoft Tech Summit: Mexico City


The entry to the Mexico City Tech Summit. November brought the Microsoft Tech Community south of the border for a special Microsoft Tech Summit in Mexico City. The event began with a crowded keynote delivered by Catherine Boeger, GM of Microsoft Office Marketing,…

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