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Microsoft Teams Resources for the IT Pro


So you’re interested in getting started with Microsoft Teams? We think that’s great! Below, there are some helpful resources to get you up to speed with Microsoft Teams.  As an admin we know you need to be the expert.  What else would help you deploy and…

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Product Videos: To get you started Here You Go


Check out these how-to videos to get started with Microsoft Teams!   Product Tour: Summary: Take a quick tour of Microsoft Teams. Teams and Channels: Summary: Learn how teams can bring together all the right people, communications, files, and tools. Using Tabs:  Summary: Learn how to…

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Our Vision for Planner in Microsoft Teams – Think Big


With the release of Microsoft Teams, Office 365 customers can now use Planner in the same interface as their shared chat-based workspace. While Teams is in Preview, the Planner tab will have a limited feature set, with a plan to roll out a…

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Microsoft Teams Top Questions Answered Get Started


We’re excited about yesterday’s global launch of Microsoft Teams. I’m Karuana and work in the engineering team. Part of my job is to manage technical readiness for our product. I want to make sure you have all the information you need to truly…

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Guidance for a Successful Microsoft Teams Deployment


Driving collaboration is  journey and requires more than just technical knowledge. To aid you in getting the most from Microsoft Teams, we have created a new site to provide you with guidance on how to Plan, Deliver & Operate Microsoft Teams within your…

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Microsoft Teams now available in Office 365 Education


Last week, Microsoft Teams became generally available to Office 365 business users. Today we’re making Teams available in Office 365 Education, free for faculty, staff and students. We’re thrilled by the enthusiasm for Teams in the education community and look forward to seeing how customers…

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The Bandwidth Calculator for IT Departments Planning Team


Networking is a critical part of any real-time technology, such as video conferencing and desktop sharing. We offer these features in Teams and we want to help you experience it in the most optimal speeds and quality. Most of all, we want you to be…

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Top Features of Microsoft Teams & Information Protection


We’re excited about last month’s global launch of Microsoft Teams. I’m Ansuman Acharya, and I work as a Program Manager in the Security and Compliance area for Microsoft Teams. We have had several queries and how-to questions from our customers around how Microsoft

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Access Your On-Premises Applications Directly in Team


We have created a way for you to access your on-premises applications in your channel through pinned tabs. This can include your SharePoint sites or other business applications.   This flow is made possible using the Azure Active Directory Application Proxy. Many customers…

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Heads Up, Public Developer Preview is Here!


We have exciting news for you: Public Developer Preview is now live! This is a brand new feature that allows you to preview upcoming features in Microsoft Teams. We wanted to give all you aspiring and established developers early access to new features…

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