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Microsoft Cloud Heroes


We started a new series called Microsoft Cloud Heroes, where we feature customers and partners who do cool stuff in our Cloud. Our first case is a solution built by Infosystem AG for the Ei AG. This solution basically runs the whole demand planning (supply chain management)…

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Integrating Azure Advisor Into Your Workday


Are you familiar with the shared responsibility model of cloud computing? This model states that Microsoft‘s responsibility is providing a highly available resource pool for your use, and your responsibility is optimizing and securing the resources you use. As I’m sure you know, Microsoft

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Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine for Windows and Linux now available


The Microsoft Data Science Virtual Machine is an Azure virtual machine (VM) image pre-installed and configured with several popular tools that are commonly used for data analytics and machine learning. The tools included are: Microsoft R Server Developer Edition Anaconda Python distribution Jupyter…

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.NET Micro Framework now supports Visual Studio 2013


The .NET Micro Framework team is releasing a beta update of the .NET Micro Framework SDK that adds support for Visual Studio 2013. The release also contains other improvements that will benefit developers and hardware partners, making the install and update experience better. Check out…

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VIDEO: Microsoft Translator Facilitates Multilingual Conversations in the Classroom


In July 2017, a group of Chinese students visiting the University of Washington stopped by the Microsoft AI and Research offices to learn about Microsoft Translator’s speech translation technology – specifically the Translator live feature and Presentation Translator for PowerPoint. Will Lewis – Principal…

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Updates coming to Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement connection security


Starting with the July 2017 update for Dynamics 365 (online) we will begin requiring connections to customer engagement applications to utilize TLS 1.2 (or better) security. This aligns with updated Microsoft and industry security policies and best practices, and you may be required…

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Visual Studio and Xamarin take iOS support to 11


With the first wave of new iPhone 8 devices landing in people’s hands, and the installed base of iOS 11 users growing rapidly, it’s an exciting time to build apps for iPhone and iPad, as well as macOS and the new 4k Apple…

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Tips and Tricks for Deploying and Managing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Service – Ignite 2017


Here are the tips that we shared as part of our interactive discussion at Ignite 2017 around Deploying and Managing Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Sales and Service. We wanted to share them in a blog article to those who attended (to reduce the…

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Using Legacy Data Sources in Tabular 1400


The modern Get Data experience in Tabular 1400 brings interesting new data discovery and transformation capabilities to Analysis Services. However, not every BI professional is equally excited. Especially those who prefer to build their models exclusively on top of SQL Server databases or…

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Providing the server name explicitly in user names for Azure SQL DB


Often, users will want to create their SQL Logins in the format.  While a perfectly valid format, this can lead to login failures if not accounted for. Cannot open server “” requested by the login.  The login failed. (Microsoft SQL Server, Error:…

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