One more Tech Summit wraps up, and we must say Chicago was a blast!

 Jason Zander`s KeynoteJason Zander`s Keynote

First of all, this was the first time I attended a Tech Summit and saw the incredible level of energy and enthusiasm of you all in person. We had over 1,800 people here in Chicago, with many dropping by our booth, some to say an offline “Hi” after interacting in the community, others to learn more about it and register.

The Keynote in Chicago was delivered by Corporate Vice President Jason Zander, with a great speech on Microsoft`s bold ambitions of creating a more Personal Computing, Reinventing Productiviy & Business processes, and building the Intelligent Cloud. Zander also reminded us that “Hybrid  Cloud is a reality, not a buzzword” and that over 90% of Forbes 500 uses at least one Microsoft Cloud solution.

Watch the whole keynote and the great presentations bellow:

*Hint: Office demo at 1:02:00 has a PowerPoint new feature you wish you had available when you were back in school 🙂

It was also great watching the Twitter feed for #MSTechSummit during the keynote an throughout the event, especially Becky here calling out our free resources to help you build your career in Cloud Technology:


2 Twitter Post.jpg


But the Microsoft Tech Summits are more than just two days packed with incredible valuable resources, information, and demos. It`s also a great opportunity for you to network and learn with other great people in the industry, engage, and discuss with feature and product managers that are building the solutions you use and love. That`s why people pour into expo hall, for interacting with our sponsors and partners, registering or saying hi to the Tech Community and eagerly interact during the Ask The Experts hours!

3 People.jpg

It`s awesome to attend in person, but if you missed this chance you can always ask our experts online in your Tech Community!

Interested in joining the TechCommunity and attending a Tech Summit in person? Just click on the links and you`ll watch a video guiding you through joining us here, or find a city with a Tech Summit you can go to.

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Chicago was great, now I`m really looking forward for meeting more of you in the next town!

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