In July 2017, a group of Chinese students visiting the University of Washington stopped by the Microsoft AI and Research offices to learn about Microsoft Translator’s speech translation technology – specifically the Translator live feature and Presentation Translator for PowerPoint.

Will Lewis – Principal Technical Program Manager for Microsoft Translator, and former professor at the University of Washington – walked the students through a live, interactive demonstration of these tools.

As he spoke English, the Microsoft Translator live feature translated Will’s speech into Cantonese as well as Cantonese and Mandarin text.

The students were able to join from their own devices in their chosen language, facilitating an interactive, Q&A experience.

“The students were completely amazed by this feature,” said Lewis.

“…at one point I turned on the audio so they could hear the Mandarin being spoken as I was speaking English.”


Resources for Educators

For teachers and educators around the globe, Microsoft Translator offers free tools that bridge communication gaps with live captioning and support multilingual conversations to help with student integration.

If you’re an educator, student, or parent interested in learning how Translator can be used in the classroom, visit our Education page.

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